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I have replaced calipers and hoses on both rear sides several times, I've replaced the ABS box but the caliper on the rear drivers side is still sticking and is getting over 100° hotter than the other brakes from just a nine mile trip with a few stops but mostly its continuous driving between 45-60 MPH.
Jul 15, 2011 · The brakes are always hot and smoking bad. Had new brake pads and rotors replaced 3 times now. Truck just turned 72000 miles One month its the front pass side and the next month it is the drivers ...
Re: Front brake SMOKING hot! « Reply #14 on: October 10, 2010, 02:48:32 AM » One other thing to check, change the brake fluid and see if there is a lot of crud in the front calipers - even here in dry CA you should really change the fluid every other year, I'd change it yearly in the more humid parts of the country.
did you ever have that thought brakes smelling like they are burning? my front brake caliper was stuck causing the brake pads sticking to rotor. not all brak...

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Re: Brakes on trailer smoking?? A point of clarification: Your surge brakes are not activated when you hook up the lights. Surge brakes are hydraulic and work using the reaction between the tow vehicle and a moveable coupler acting on a master cylinder. Electric brakes require a brake controller in the vehicle.

Once you have managed to stop, your brakes will be red hot. They may be smoking. If you have managed to come to a stop without adding further damage to your car, you’ve been lucky. You need to let the brakes cool, however, if you leave the car in one position there’s a high probability that the heat of the pads will warp the brake rotors. 1. Your brakes are overheating. Your brakes use friction to stop your moving vehicle, and friction generates heat. Unfortunately, overuse or aggressive braking habits can lead to your brakes overheating.

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